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Happy 10th Anniversary, Jewel_Power!

It's hard to believe that TEN YEARS AGO today Lisa founded this Jewel Riders community, and we're still going strong!

Over at The Jewel Riders Archive, we wanted to commemorate this milestone anniversary and reached out to Lisa to share some fandom memories.

Ten years ago, the big news was Digivew releasing their single DVD, sharing fun LJ icons, uploads of the series soundtrack, sharing of links to various Jewel Riders-themed websites, and even a petition to bring the show back on the air!

My first post was June 21st, 2006, where I exhorted others to rush to their local selling-off-all-VHS-tapes Hollywood Video stores, and rescue the Jewel Riders tapes!  (I did, and still have those tapes in a box!)

What was your first post or comment?  I'd love to hear others' memories of their time in this community. :)

This coner of the internet has been my fandom home for Jewel Riders, and I am so grateful for a space to connect and share with other fans.  Thanks for ten magical years!

Friends Together, Friends Forever,

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