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Question regarding the archive's jewel section!
elsa, frozen, let it go
strongheartmaid wrote in jewel_power
So, I noticed under the Wizard Jewels there was a section called "Wild Jewels" - anyone know what those are?

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Wild Jewels

Originally, Princess Gwenevere (Enchanted Camelot as is was named then) was only to be 13 episodes. The stories were built around the jewels from Merlin's box. Not long before the last few episodes were finished, they had the chance to air the show in Europe (Starla) but European television required 26 episodes per season. Robert Mandell, the writers and the creative team extended the series by creating new "wild magic" jewels to extend the fun. The full number of wild jewels and names were never mentioned (to the best of my memory) so they could be open ended to keep it going into yet another season. There are other subtle differences including costume changes in the second 13 episodes also.

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