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Artist Challenge!
Brandon of Winx Club
ry_sabir wrote in jewel_power
Artist Challenge

Hey Jewel Fans, welcome to the Jewel Riders Archive's first Artist Challenge!

There are so many fun ideas floating around in the background material for the show, and we began to wonder if our talented fandom might be able to bring some of them to life!

For this first challenge, we want to see your ideas for...

Tara, Second Princess of Camelot

Hair Color: Blond

Basic Color: Teal

Age: 9

Younger sister to Gwenevere. Can't wait to get her Enchanted Jewel. Manages to get into plenty of trouble with Melody's baby animals.

Tara is Gwenevere's younger sister. She loves the performing arts, especially dancing and singing. She also loves craft fairs and babysitting for Melody's baby animals. Somehow though, whenever Tara and the babies get together, trouble follows. One day Tara will have her own Enchanted Jewel, then look out world!

All the above information is from the Enchanted Jewel Riders Show Bible.

Submissions will be open until 2/28/17. Submit your work to the Archivist Email.

Voting will happen between 3/1/17 and 3/9/17. The winning design will be announced on 3/10/17.

We can't wait to see your work!

Disclaimer: Submissions must not contain anything violent or offensive in nature. Posts may not compromise the character’s integrity. In connection with anything you submit to us – whether or not solicited by us – you agree that creative ideas, suggestions or other materials are okay to be featured on the site but do not constitute a contract of any kind.  You retain full ownership of your work; think of the Archive simply as a gallery to display and share it.

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Nice! I was just checking to make sure someone posted here. I can't wait to see all the entries!

Hopefully you're thinking about entering a submission as well! :)

Already entered and posted on DA with a link to the website so hopefully a few more people can see it and enter.

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