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Hey guys! Seems like forever since I last posted here. Anyhow, I've read another post about a website dedicated to to the show, and I think it's awesome! I have all 26 episodes of the Starla version that I'd be happy to share, and I found the Gwen version that ladyheartilly uploaded back in 2009. However, "Love Struck" from season 1 is missing, and there are a few episodes missing from season 2. they are: "Morgana", "The Wizard of Gardenia", "The Wishing Jewel", "The Spirit of Avalon", & "The One Jewel". If anyone has these episodes, or knows where I can find them, please let me know so I can make high quality episodes of the Gwen version. Thank you in advance!
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How a PGJR fanfic idea inspired the stand-alone book series Forever Avalon (I think)

Fanfic idea:

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

It also features New Camelot on Avalon hundreds years into the future, Kraven who is now a descendant of Morgana, jewels were turned into gems, etc.

(Or maybe it's just a weird coincidence.)
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"The Evolution of Morgan le Fay on Television" and my thoughts, maybe also yours

I think it's hard to deny the PGJR portrayal was well, not good (still better than Merlin's, though). Yet it was still interesting it was one the earliest film portrayal of Morgan(a) as a Fay and not a human (despite it never even being said). This is in fact prety inriguing. I wish someone wrote a fan fiction to expand on her background story.

So, what do you guys think about this issue, and also about Morgan in the other TV series (both animated and live)?
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Exciting News, everybody!

Coming Soon! with border

We're pleased to announce a new Jewel Riders site debuting exactly one month from today in celebration of the show's 20th Anniversary!  For too long, Jewel Riders hasn't had a "proper" home on the web outside of this (awesome) community.  We aim to remedy that, and hopefully allow people searching for the show to find a "one-stop-shop" of both information and fan content.

Do you have stories, art, or photos you'd like to contribute?  Let us know!  We will be welcoming any submissions. :)